Pattern Cutting & Sewing

Tuesdays 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm and Thursdays 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Dates to be confirmed
6 sessions £125

Pattern cutting and sewing class: Bodice Block

Tutor: Sokha Soong

This course is an introduction to pattern cutting for both men and women. It is aims to give you knowledge and understanding of pattern cutting and how it is used to develop the desired designs. For this beginner’s class, you will learn to construct your own personal block. Learn how to take measurements and how to sew up your own toile, (a sample of your block made from calico)

The Block you can choose from for womenswear are:
CLOSE FITTING BODICE BLOCK – Ideal for close fitted tops and dresses
EASY FITTING BODICE BLOCK – Ideal for loose fitted tops and dresses
THE ONE-PIECE SLEEVE BLOCK – ideal for both blocks above

The block you can choose from for menswear are:
THE TAILORED SHIRT BLOCK – a closer fitting shirt with a wider shoulder line
THE ONE-PIECE SLEEVE – ideal for all three blocks

Entry Requirements:
This course is for adult learners (18+) men and women, with no knowledge or experience in pattern cutting or sewing.

What you will gain from this course:
• A bodice block/ shirt block
• A one-piece sleeve block
• A sample of your block made in calico (toile)
• A sleeve placket and cuff sample
• A collar and collar stand sample
• Knowledge in how to thread and use a sewing machine
• Learn how to insert a sleeve head into the armhole
• Learn how to do the fitting of your toile
• Learn how to make amendment to the toile and then transfer it to the block

Pattern Cutting and Sewing course, Frequently asked questions:

What do I need to bring for this course?
You will need to have 1x folder, 1x mechanical pencil 0.5 or 0.7, 1x rubber and a tube storage for carrying your pattern pieces

Is this course suitable for men?
This course is for both men and women adult students. They can choose to develop blocks for men or womenswear.

Will I need any pattern cutting experience for this course?
You do not need any fashion pattern cutting or sewing experience for this course.

What level is this course?
This course starts at beginner level when you join and will progress towards advance as you continue. You will be guided through each block that you will choose to learn each term. The pace will be flexible to the pace you are comfortable in learning. Which means you can carry on into the next term if you choose to carry on. Your tutor will do her best to guide you to be at similar pace as others in your group.

How long will it take to complete a block?
It will take about 5-6 weeks for student to complete a block. They would have drafted a personal block, made up a toile, done a fitting, and make any adjustment to the block if needed.

What is a block?
A block is a foundation pattern constructed to fit an average or individual figure. The designer uses a foundation pattern (block) as a basis for making the pattern for a design.

What is a toile?
This is the finished block made up in calico to check the proportion and shape.

What is a pattern?
A developed design drafted from block. They may include style lines, tucks, gathers, pleats or draped but still have the basic fit of the block used.

What is a sample?
It is the design cut out in fabric and made up. This is an important stage for manufacture and individual to test their pattern before going into bulk production or cutting into expensive fabric for individual.