The Lady Margaret Hall Settlement

Set up in 1897, the Lady Margaret Hall Settlement (LMHS) has given over a century's worth of service to the Lambeth community and is still active today. With the Welfare State not yet in existence, LMHS was founded by members of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford to work within the deprived inner city borough of North Lambeth to improve opportunities for the poor. Work include organising all apprentice training and placement in Lambeth from 1908 to 1955, pioneering many early social enterprise initiatives in the 1980s, including Lambeth Tiles, Kennington Office Cleaners and Lambeth Industries.

Today, LMHS is active in the following areas:

  • Running the All Sewn Up Textile Training project
  • Supporting local community groups
  • Providing business services to local charities and voluntary groups
  • Developing area based economic strategies
  • Advising local community organisations in trouble or in need of restructuring