Embroidery Drop-In

Learn essential Embroidery techniques (Cross Stitch & Blackwork) – make Traditional Samplers with Borders & Alphabet, Embellish Garments & Soft Furnishings, create Textile Art.  


Frances Burden

Current Classes

Thursday afternoon from 1.00pm to 3.30pm

Introduction and Course Content

This course is designed to run both as a Drop-In as well as a full-term class. Come, relax and immerse yourself in the simplicity of the stitch and complexity of your chosen design to take your mind off everyday chores. Bring a friend or make new ones in this easy-going weekly Embroidery session where chatter and silence effortlessly intermingle.

Blackwork and Cross Stitch are two of the best Embroidery stitch techniques to learn or refresh – though simple enough, they are endlessly adaptable and varied and can be used to create beautiful pieces of Textile Art.

Touching at the history of Blackwork from its origins in Islamic and Moorish patterns, to the Tudor and Elizabethan styles incorporating flowers and plants, we shall then trace the history of Cross Stitch samplers as seen in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as contemporary artists who use hand stitching techniques in their work.

After learning these two techniques, you will then design and stitch your own sampler using the following to produce your finished piece:
Adding colour to design
Filler patterns
Design sampler
Most materials, including worksheets, embroidery canvas needles and haberdashery items will be provided for the course but please bring along your own notebook, pens and pencils.

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for adult learners (18+) with basic hand stitch experience. Beginners are also welcome.


11 weeks


All Sewn Up, Unit 1, The Coop Centre, 11 Mowll Street, London SW9 6BG.
Tel:  020 7840 0216 
Email: admin@lmhs.org.uk

Start and End Dates

AUTUMN TERM 2018: from Thursday 20th September to Thursday 6th December 2018

Number of Students

12 maximum


Tutor feedback
Learner self-assessment


You will have the use of all equipment in the workroom including: large tables, sewing machines, over-lockers, irons & metal rulers.

Material Costs

Most materials, including worksheets, embroidery canvas needles and haberdashery items will be provided for the course; there might be small fees for additional items.

Tuition Fee

£15 each Drop-In session (£10 concessions) or £150.00 (£100c) for the full term

How to Apply

Enrol in person, by post or email admin@lmhs.org.uk
Enrolment form available online or on request (by phone or email).